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Saving Your Tooth with Expert Root Canal Treatment

Our in-house root canal specialist, Sachin, is highly experienced and expert in carrying out this kind of treatment. So you can be confident you’re in good hands. 

Root canals (Endodontics) can often be the most painless way to save a tooth that’s blood or nerve supply is infected due to decay or injury and where infection is likely to spread and cause an abscess.

Our preventative approach means that we check the health of the nerves inside your teeth as part of your routine check-up, by taking an x-ray or placing a special cold substance next to the tooth.

However, if a root canal is needed, we take the time and care to fully clean the root canals, ensuring a successful outcome that needs no further treatment.

And where a root canal is carried out on a molar, we would also recommend a crown to protect and strengthen, enabling you to chew and enjoy food confidently.