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Estimate of Fees for Specialist Treatment


Treatment Price
Initial consultation £95
Digital X-ray (Radiograph) £20
Study Casts £50
Diagnostic Wax up £35 per tooth
Detailed treatment planning
(for multiple units and full mouth rehabilitation)
Routine Check-Up £85



Treatment Price
Single Implant Restored with All ceramic Crown £2950
Overdentures- 2 locators £5500
Fixed Bridge Work (Full Arch) £16500



Fixed Prosthodontics (Crowns, Bridges Veneers) Price
Bonded Porcelain Crowns and Bridges £995 per unit
Veneers £895 per unit
White Fillings £150-£265
Home tooth whitening £295
Removable Prosthodontics (Dentures) Price
Complete Dentures Upper and Lower £3500



Root Canal treatment Price
Anterior £650
Premolar £775
Molar £895
Re-Root Treatment Price
Anterior £850
Premolar £975
Molar £995


Surgical Endodontics

Peri-Radicular Surgery (Apicectomy) (Inc Pathology) Price
Incisor/Canine £750
Premolar £850
Molar £950



Treatment Price
Non-surgical Therapy £300 per hour
Pocket Reduction Surgery (4-8 Teeth) £850
Crown Lengthening £750
Extensive Perio Therapy (inc antibiotics) £180 per visit



Treatment Price
Simple £90
Surgical or periotome £120

The above prices are for guideline purposes only. For exact costings on an individual basis, please contact the dentist directly.