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Enhance your Smile.

Our veneers are hand-crafted and an excellent, easy way to enhance your smile, whether for a single tooth or across your smile. 

These thin, porcelain facings are attached to your teeth with minimal invasive work, and are a long lasting way to improve the colour, size and shape of your existing teeth.

We use the latest technology and materials to design a smile that best suits you and we can even show you the potential results before we carry out any treatment, with our cosmetic wax-up or mock-up of your new smile.

We aim for our veneers to last around 10-15 years with good maintenance.

Standard Service – this is a cost effective way to replace your teeth, like-for-like, and can be carried out easily in-house by one of our experienced team.

Cosmetic Service – our premium service achieves a higher quality of restoration by starting with enabling you to see the potential results. Our diagnostic wax-up gives you a preview of what can be achieved, while our Technician, an advanced practitioner in cosmetic dentistry, can match exactly your tooth colour to achieve perfect results.

From £295