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Repair & Care

Crowns are both a practical and cosmetic treatment for filled or broken teeth. 

Our solutions both improve the appearance of your teeth and give you more confidence in chewing, talking and smiling.

Whether we’re repairing an old crown or fitting a new one, our expert technicians construct each crown to perfectly fit your existing tooth, adding strength and a natural appearance.

As with all of our treatments, we’ll advise on the most suitable solutions and give you a choice of options.

EMAX crown – the best possible quality, the most natural looking and the best cosmetic appearance. From £495.

Porcelain to metal crown – an effective and practical solution that contains a metal core. From £340

NHS shell crown – suitable for back teeth and made from non-precious metal.

Our skilled technicians can make your crown in around 2 weeks. While an express service is also available for an additional fee.